Strikers Weekly - Week of June 7, 2020










Sorry... not sure what happened (though it was likely just me).  I published this post (or thought I published this on Saturday).  Anyways, though there is not much to this week's weekly, it is a bit late.  



June "Re-Opening"

Just a reminder that parents who have requested to have your son/daughter attend in June but have not yet booked times for your sons/daughters, we still have space for students this week.  

We fully understand that the request to send students came out before secondary schools released their plans for these days.  Based on the model that is being run in all secondary schools, we do understand if some families have changed their minds.  If you will not be sending your teen to school, there is no need to contact us.  We will keep your names on the list in case you change your minds.  If you did not sign up but wish to have your son/daughter attend next week or the weeks that follow, feel free to send us an email at


Valedictory 2020



As our grade 12 students and parents are aware, due to the restictions on social gathering, Valedictory will be different this year.  


Over the course of the past week, we have engaged a professional videographer to film our valedictory ceremony (in small pieces).  While the venue and process will be different, we hope that the steps taken to ensure that all the "components" of our trational ceremony have been included.


The ceremony video will be released to grads and their families on Sunday June 14th at 1pm.  This is our scheduled date for Valedictory.  Our hope is that families will gather (where possible and safe) and watch this ceremony together beginning at 1pm.


Though we can never replicate the ceremony at the Chan Centre (our tradition host site for this event), our hope it still will be a fitting tribute for this important day in the lives of our graduates and their families.


A special thanks to the After Grad Parent Committee who spent countless hours over the past week to convert our school into a very special place for our graduates.



Remote Learning 




Though it is not the same, some students are still producing amazing work via this period of Continuity of Learing.  Above is a Stop Motion Animation created by one of Mr. Beresford's students.  Thanks Vivian for allowing us to display both  your creativity and talent!


Locker Clean Out and Textbook Collection

As shared in the email sent to each family last week:


Each year in June, students return their textbooks and library books, and begin the process of cleaning up their lockers.  As this is not a regular June, we need to schedule times for students to return to the school to clear out their lockers and return all books and borrowed materials, which ensuring the safety and health of our students and staff.  


To this end, we have made a schedule for students to to come in to the school in small groups, according to FIRST NAME ALPHA.  While this may seem like a complicated way to do things, it allows students to return to the school and be appropriately physically spread out around the school as they will be from different grades and different homerooms.


This process will take place next week, June 8th  - 11th, as most teachers have indicated that they will be done with textbooks at this time.  (In rare cases there may be one or two classes where students may need their books until the following week.  For these classes, teachers will arrange a time for students to come in to return those books the following week.  Those students would then be asked to come in to return what they can as per the provided schedule next week, and then return again the following week.) 


As you can imagine, this is a complex process, so we ask for your flexibility in coming at the designated time.  If there are circumstances beyond your control that prevent this, please contact Ms. Vaughan before Friday, June 5th.  




For the latest information, check the Career Centre District Website regularly at:

Grade 10-12 students and their parents, please visit the Career Centre Website and Ms. Millar’s fb page for post-secondary, events, scholarship, volunteer and updates information as it is received



This section will have information from Ms. Millar (our Career Information Advisor).  Weekly updates will include information on Post Secondary Information as well as potential Scholarship Opportunities.