Strikers Weekly - Week of June 14, 2020















Virtual Valedictory - Sunday June 14th 1pm 


On Sunday, June 14th at 1pm., the McRobert's Valedictory is scheduled to begin.  Unfortunately we will not be hosting this event at the Chan Centre at UBC as has been done in previous years.  

This year's Valedictory will be virtual.  Though nothing can replace the in person ceremony, our hope is that it still is a fitting tribute for our grads and their families.  

Though our grade 12 students and their families will gain access to stream or download the ceremony at 1pm on Sunday, we will post the entire ceremony for everyone to see on Monday June 15th.



Yearbook Distribution


Though they have not arrived, we have now received confirmation that they Yearbooks should be delivered by the end of next week.  Thus, we will begin our process for distribution.


Friday June 12th

  • Email to families indicate those (via student numbers) who have purchased a yearbook


Friday June 19th

  • Email to families of those who have purchased yearbooks of outstanding fees.  Outstanding fees must be taken care of prior to the release of the emails.


Tuesday June 23rd

  • Deadline to resolve any outstanding fees.  If not done by the end of this day, students may not receive their Yearbooks on time.
  • Families will be emailed with specific timeline for student pick up of yearbooks (by alpha - last names)


Thursday June 25

  • Yearbook Distribution



Core Competencies Self-Assessment and Reflection - Due June 19th 


As you may be aware, one of the areas McRoberts had chosen to focus on this year is the Core Competencies.  The Core Competencies are intellectual, social, emotional and personal proficiencies that are essential to develop the whole student.  These are strategies, skills and attitudes that encourage and develop citizens who are lifelong learners.

As part of the BC Curriculum, students must complete a year-end self-assessment and reflection of the Core Competencies.  This is a document that students are to share with their parents/guardians, and will be stored in our school records.  

Please go to the following link for the student self-assessment and reflection form:

Parents, there is a place for your digital signature at the bottom of the form to indicate that you have read your son/daughter's self-assessment.

Forms must be completed and submitted by Friday, June 19th.


Capstone Pitch


Though a year away from beginning Capstone (a significant component of grade 12 students Career Life Connections requirement), grade 11 students have been making their "pitch."  The plan for what they may wish to research for their Capstone Project.  With Abi's permission, here is her pitch.




Remote Art 


Ms. Miller's students clearly have been busy during the period of remote learning.  Above, Ms. Miller captures some of the students amazing submissions.



Slotted Sculptures from Ms. Milller's students... (sorry, some scrolling required)







Above are some images from Ms. Miller's art assignment called "slotted sculptures". Students constructed these with cut card to explore space, shape & balance.   Not only is the art exceptionally beautiful, but it shows such diversity in representation.  Thanks for sharing these amazing pieces Ms. Miller.




For the latest information, check the Career Centre District Website regularly at:

Grade 10-12 students and their parents, please visit the Career Centre Website and Ms. Millar’s fb page for post-secondary, events, scholarship, volunteer and updates information as it is received


This section will have information from Ms. Millar (our Career Information Advisor).  Weekly updates will include information on Post Secondary Information as well as potential Scholarship Opportunities.