Strikers Weekly - Summer, 2020











Though the year end was a very different one than anyone (a few months ago) would have expected, I am sure many are glad that we can put a check mark beside this academic year and move ahead to the summer break.  While there exists a great deal of uncertainty of what lies ahead in September, I know that we all (students and staff) will be better prepared to take on whatever challenges that we face.


We have asked for a lot of patience as we began to transition from in-person learning to remote learning.  While the learning process was at times steep (and definitely not complete), hopefully (all of us) have learned a few things about both ourselves as well as what is needed to be as successful as possible regardless of what school looks like.  


We wil take some time to review the feedback we have received and do our very best to be as responsive to the needs and wants expressed.


For those who have now graduated, a special congratulations to you.  We hope that when safe to do so, you will continue to stay connected to us and our school community.  We wish you all the very best on whatever pathway you may find yourself on.


A special congratulations and goodbye to our retiring staff. Ms Dragomi, Ms. Gilbert, Mr. Milholm, and Ms. Nicholson have collectively well over one hundred years of experience teaching here at McRoberts and in the Richmond School District.  All will be sadly missed and deerly remembered.


Finally, a thank you all students and parents of the McRoberts Community.  Your hard work makes McRoberts the school it is today.


Stay safe, be well, and have a wonderful summer break.