Strikers Weekly - Week of September 13, 2020










Thank you for your patience as we have made many changes to the structure and day-day operations of our school,  Though many things will be different, our hope is that you will see that our care and passion for our students will be the same.  As mentioned, as so much of all of these changes are new, we will monitor our students to see if any further changes are required.  Though our timetable structure and bell schedule is not something individual schools can change, we will do our best within this structure to best suit the needs of our students.


We are aware that some student choices were impacted by this change in our timetable structure to quarters and within cohorts.  While we understand the dissappointment this has caused, please be assured that if we could accommodate all the choice requests we would have.


As we settle into the school year, we will be making announcements about important events such as the traditional "Meet the Teacher" Night.  For some of these activities, we are awaiting clarification from either the District or the Ministry before making specific plans.



STUCO was in this week preparing to welcome our students.




Welcoming our Newest Strikers


Though it was only a short homeroom period, our newest students, this year's grade eights entered McRoberts for the very first time as students here at our school.  Though it is not the start that we traditionally have for our incoming 8's, we will hope over the next few weeks they will feel welcome and a full part of our McRoberts community.


Welcome Back (Videos created by this year's STUCO - Student Council)


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Course "Corrections"


As we have mentioned before, due to the new cohort structure as well as the Quarter Timetable System, it was extremely difficult to providing all student their first choices for electives (particularly for grade 9 students).  Unlike in past years, we lack flexibility in moving student schedules around as constraints prevent easy mobility.  As a result, some students timetables may not be as expected.  If there are errors, however, in a schedule, please let the counsellor's know.  A form is available outside of the counselling offices (in the hallway outside counselling entrance).








For the latest information, check the Career Centre District Website regularly at:


This section will have information from Ms. Millar (our Career Information Advisor).  Weekly updates will include information on Post Secondary Information as well as potential Scholarship Opportunities.