New Student Accounts

Students should have received this via email.  In case you have not....


From the Richmond School District:



We have created a new student login name (sometimes called a USERNAME) for you.  This login name will replace your previous one (that had a format like: SD001234567).  The new login names were created to strengthen our privacy and security practice, and will enable students to use some new digital tools.  You will use this login name to login to all SD38 accounts, such as computer labs, Scholantis e-portfolios, class portal sites, Office 365 and Microsoft Teams. 

Your new login has been provided.

Principals, Vice Principals and Teachers will also have a copy of your login name in case you forget it. However, you are encouraged to write down your login name in a safe location



Your password will remain the same as the one that you used last year. Your school staff can help you reset your password if you have any trouble accessing your account.


All students are encouraged to change their password at the start of this school year.  This is an important security measure.  We suggest considering a passphrase rather than a single word (especially for intermediate and secondary students), such as ‘2$coopsofIceCream’.  This example uses symbols, numbers, lower case and upper case, and is longer than a simple word.  Students have the ability to change their password at any time.



We are excited to be introducing Office 365 and MS Teams for staff and secondary student use.  Microsoft Teams is part of the larger Office 365 suite of services, and is a collaboration tool that combines multiple productivity applications into one fully integrated, central platform.  MS Teams is a tool for class communication, sharing class materials and resources, videoconferencing, collaborative work and file storage.

These digital tools will provide you with access to the Office Apps (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, etc.) while at school, but also while working from home.  These applications will also provide you with secure personal file storage within OneDrive.

Secondary students may login to Office 365 using their new student login name and personal password.  Please find some links below to assist with you with this process: