myBlueprint is an online education and career planning inquiry-based platform that is available to all Grade 8 - 12 Richmond School District students.  The purpose of myBlueprint is to support students in thinking and planning for their futures to help guide them to increased success in schools.


Students can take learning style, personality, interest, knowledge and motivation assessments to learn more about themselves as well as to guide them to different career and education opportunities.


Students can plan their high school courses and investigate post-secondary options and admission requirements, career, job and volunteer opportunities.  They also can create/plan budgets, build career portfolios and resumes. 


All grade 10-12 students are encouraged to access myBlueprint in order to assist with their future program planning decisions. As one of the course requirements for graduation, students complete Career Life Education 10, which uses myBlueprint as one of the main platforms for career and post-secondary planning. Given its potential to be an incredibly useful tool, we encourage G10-12 students and their families to become familiarize themselves with it.


Here are some useful instructions about how to connect to your myBlueprint account:


  1. Visit
  2. Click Sign up (or Login if you already have an account and skip steps 3-6 and click Get Started).
  3. Select school (McRoberts) from the drop-down menu and then click Create my Account.
  4. Select Student and then select your present grade and click continue.
  5. Follow the onscreen prompts to set up your email, password, grade, etc. (Personal Education Number (PEN) is available on your MyEd account or you can see your counsellor to get your PEN).
  6. Click on Get started.