PLT - Update September 12, 2021

We are excited to start PLT this week at McRoberts! The following information will be shared with students by teachers before we begin PLT this week. Students will have the chance to ask questions at that time.

  • A schedule of teacher availability will be posted in the main entrance (and above)
  • Teachers will remind students WHEN and WHERE they will be available (in most cases in their classrooms)
  • Students who want a quiet place to complete independent work can go to the Library Learning Commons or in any public area in the school
  • Students are encouraged to decide their focus area based on the guiding principles outlined in the PLT section in the student start-up package sent home at the end of summer.


Though we know some more work will be required to fully implement Personal Learning Time, starting this the week of September 13th, students may access their teachers based on the above schedule.  Though it is early and very few specific PLT activities are planned, students may choose to seek out their classroom teachers to get some added support or help, work with other students here in the school, or simply work at home during this time.  Attendance will not be taken during PLT and we will begin to publish PLT opportunities as they become available. 


Students may also choose to "drop into the Library Learning Commons" as some of our Resource Team will be on hand to provide support for any student in need.


Soon we will be meeting each student to provide more specific information about the best utlilzation of this time.