Parent-Teacher Conference Schedule and Information

As of yesterday afternoon (Nov 18), Semester 1 Term 1 Report Cards have been published on MyEd.  We encourage you to review the report card and have conversations with your child/children about their learning progress. 

This message is a reminder that Parent-Teacher Conferences are taking place on:

  • Wednesday, November 24th, from 2-4 & 6-8 PM (Appointment booking closes on Tuesday, November 23rd at 3 PM)
  • Thursday, November 25th, from 2-4 PM (Appointment booking closes on Wednesday, November 24th at 3 PM)

Please note that students will be dismissed from school at 1:00 PM on Nov 24 and 25 to accommodate for Parent-Teacher Conferences.

We have an online system ( for booking appointments which can also be accessed from our school website.  Appointments can be booked starting at 6:00pm on Friday, November 19th.  Please note that you will need to re-register if you have used this system in the past; however, you can still use your old password, but this is not mandatory. All new users will need to set up a new password for this system. Please set up your profile and add your child/children to your profile before you start booking appointments.   Please see attached instructions for more details.   

Due to COVID-19 protocols, Parent-Teacher Conferences will NOT be held in-person.  Instead, please remember to provide a phone number and email address when you use our online booking system.  Depending on the teacher, the conferences will be conducted by video conferencing or by phone.  If the teacher is set up for video conferencing, you will see a meeting link when you review your bookings by clicking on ‘view appointments’.  If there is no link available, that teacher will be calling you by phone at the scheduled appointment time. 

Getting Ready for Conferences (Provide both an email AND phone number):

  • Video conferencing –Teachers who are using video conferencing will have links to access the meeting when you click on ‘view appointments’ before you begin the conferences.  Please check this part of the website before you start your conferences to ensure that all the meeting links are available.  At the time of your meeting, click on the link, wait patiently in the virtual lobby, and teachers will let you in when they are available.  We will be using MS Teams (very similar to Zoom) for these meetings.  You do not need to register or create an account to join a MS Teams meeting.. Please remember to enter your screen name when you start the MS Teams meeting so teachers are aware of who they are letting into the meeting.  For more information and instructions with using MS Teams, please see the attached instructions
  • Phone call – Please ensure that you provide the best number to reach you at.  At the time of your appointment, teachers will call you from the school phone or from a blocked number.

If you have any questions, please contact us by sending an email to