Strikers Weekly - Week of January 9, 2022


Happy New Year.  Though it is starting out with more challenges than any would like, we hope that 2022 will be a wonderful year.




Through the correct wearing of masks, staying home when not well, distancing where possible, and proper hand hygene, we will do our best to keep our school as safe as possible for our students.  It will take all of us to do our part to help in this regard.


Please note: the majority of this Weekly will highlight many of things already shared in a recent series of letters to parents.  Sorry for the repetition.





Parents are reminded that if their child will not be coming to school, it is imperative that parents call the Early Warning Line at 604-668-6600 Ext. 3.  Since schools are tracking numbers for absenteeism closely at this time. parents must indicate if the child is ill or if there is another reason for non-attendance.  Thank you for your assistance and cooperation in this regard.




Adusted Timetable

Just a reminder.... starting on Monday January 10th (for the duration of semester one), the timetable above will be the timetable each day (with an alternating day one - AB, day two - CD).



Personal Learning Time (PLT)


For the remainder of the semester:

  • Personal Learning Time (PLT) will move from 100 minutes two times a week to 40 minutes every morning.  PLT will begin each morning at 8:30 am and finish with the start of period one at 9:10 daily.  Students are encouraged to come in each day to work with staff, get extra help, and/or work with peers  on schoolwork (see teacher’s availability below).  While at this time students will not need to book times to meet with staff, this may change moving forward.  It is important to note, however, that space in common areas (Library, Art Hallway, and Foyer) will be limited to allow for adequate spacing at this time. As such, students will need to be either working on their learning in common areas or in classrooms with their teachers, and are asked not to be in the building for social or other non-school related reasons during PLT.   


  • PLT Teacher Availability will be based on the teacher’s last name.  Teachers with last names
    • A – Ma will be available during Day 1
    • Mc - Z will be available Day 2.


  • We will have two blocks per day on a Day 1, Day 2 rotation; Day 1 will be blocks A and B and Day 2 will be blocks C and D.  This will reduce the number of required class changes and create flexibility to stagger class breaks.



Student Lunch Schedule (Changes)

Just a reminder of the changes for lunch.


Lunch will be embedded within Period 2 each day.  There will be two lunch hours so that only half the school will be having lunch, while the other half are in class. At 11:45am, students with an early lunch will have their lunch break, while those with a late lunch will report to their Period 2 class.  Then students with a late lunch will have their lunch at 12:35 pm, and will return to class at 1:20pm.

  • Students who have a second block class (Block B) on the Main Floor or in the Portables, will have their lunch at 11:45am – 12:25pm.
  • Student who have a second block class (Block B) on the Second Floor of the school, will have their lunch at 12:35 – 1:15pm.

Please note that students will be asked to remain on their floor for the entirety of the lunch hour so as not to disturb other classes that are in session. The only exception will be for the second lunch hour if students are purchasing food from the Snack Shack and there will be very limited seating in the foyer or art hallway tables.  Once this area is filled, students will be instructed to remain on the second floor only of the school so as not to further disturb classes that are in session. Students are also encouraged to eat outdoors if the weather permits, or go home for lunch if this is feasible.


Given the size of our population, students who are able to go home for lunch are strongly encouraged to do so in order to reduce the number of students eating on-site during designated lunch breaks.



End of Day Procedures

To eliminate the crowding in hallways and in the foyer at the end of the day, students will be asked to exit the school immediately after the final block through their designated exit doors (closest to their classroom).  Exceptions may be made if students are meeting with a teacher in a classroom, or have an organized activity such as a club or athletics, in which case they should be in the appropriate classroom space at that time and not in the hallways or foyer.  Parents are asked to do their best to pick up their children promptly.  If our parking lot is busy, parents and students can arrange to meet in an alternate spot, such as the community centre parking lot.


Virtual Assembly Monday Morning

We will be having a brief virtual assembly for all students on Monday January 10th at the 9:15 am (start of Period 1) to review our safety protocols.  We will explain both the changes made and the rationale behind the changes.  Finally, we will do our best to answer any questions.








For the latest information, check the Career Centre District Website regularly at: is external)


Week January 10 - 14, 2022 A reminder to grade eleven and twelve students and their parents to check the Career Centre Website Calendar often for date-specific information updates and Like and Follow Ms. Millar’s Career Centre Facebook Page to receive notifications. See Post-Secondary Websites for the latest information and updates. Post-secondary information events for students and their parents are virtual at this time. Post-Secondary Advisors will be available to follow up with any questions you may have! Applications for most Post-Secondary Institutions Open OCT 1. See websites for details. Most BC Post-Secondary Institutions will direct you automatically to begin the application process through EducationPlannerBC. Apply early to colleges, as some programs fill quickly. Visit Post-Secondary Websites for information on how/when/deadline to apply and be sure to attend the virtual information sessions.


Among Application Deadlines. See other Post-Secondary Websites for information. Colleges still accepting applications for many programs, see college websites. *DEC 15 Deadline for SFU Awards Application,

DEC 1 UBC Early/Awards Application Deadline, JAN 15 UBC Regular Deadline to Apply JAN 31 SFU Regular Deadline to Apply

JAN 31 UVIC Application Deadline OCT 1/21 Langara Opens Applications OCT 1/21 BCIT Opens Applications. See website for details 1/21 OCT 1/21 Douglas College Opens Applications. See website:

OCT 1/21 KPU Opens Applications. See website for details:


Among Upcoming Dates to note:


JAN 10/22 Western University National Scholarships Program In-School Nomination Deadline (In order to be considered for these awards a school nomination is required. Students must check with their schools' Scholarship Representative to determine their process for nomination). FEB 14/22 Deadline to submit all required documents, including nomination form to Western U. These awards are designed to recognize all-round excellence and awarded on the basis of outstanding academic performance to candidates who demonstrate ability for creative + innovative thought and a passion for the pursuit of learning. National Scholarships also recognize exceptional achievement in extracurricular activities such as the arts/athletics. A special emphasis is placed on a candidate's commitment to community service through ongoing contributions to school/community life. National Scholarship applicants must be Canadian Citizens or a Permanent Resident. All applicants must have obtained a minimum overall academic average of 90% on all Grade 12U/M courses (or equivalent). National Scholarships are available only at Western's main campus and Faculty Entrance Scholarships are available only within the faculty for which the scholarship has been awarded. You must make an admission application to Western U (main campus) to be considered for these scholarships and you must register as a full-time student. International Baccalaureate and CEGEP students are eligible for consideration. The Beryl Ivey Continuing Entrance Scholarship has a financial need component. A supplemental application in addition to the National Scholarship application is required for students to be considered. Each school is able to nominate up to 4 students for the National Scholarship Program (a school can nominate 1 additional student if that student is an international (visa) student). Schools are

not nominating students for a specific scholarship. The nomination is for the student to be considered for the scholarships available within the National Scholarship Program. A complete listing of available scholarships and details on how to apply:


JAN 11/22 5 PM PST University of Toronto Webcasts for Prospective Students Join online to learn more about the University of Toronto! Hosted by members of the Student Recruitment team, these webcasts will feature an overview of U of T, the three campuses, 700+ academic program options, and the many opportunities they offer outside the classroom and in the wider world. You'll also learn all about the application and admissions process for high school students and have a chance to ask any questions you may have. Scan through all of the webinars and register for the one that's right for you! For details and to register visit:


JAN 12/22 Schulich Leader Scholarships IN-SCHOOL Deadline for Nomination Consideration (students who feel they qualify and would like to be nominated, must submit an External Scholarship Nomination request form. See or contact your School Scholarship Representative - McRoberts – Mr. Li, for details.) Schulich Leader Scholarships are entrance scholarships awarded to high school graduates enrolling in Science, Technology, Engineering or Mathematics (STEM) programs at one of the 20 Canadian partner universities. In order to become a Schulich Leader and receive the scholarship, you must first be selected/nominated by your high school as the Schulich Leader Nominee. Only one student is selected per school. $100,000 scholarships are designated for students pursuing an engineering degree, and $80,000 scholarships are designated for students pursing a science, technology, or math degree. Eligibility Criteria • Graduate from high school in the 2021/2022 academic year • Be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident • Be entrepreneurial-minded and plan to enroll in STEM at one of the partner universities • Meet the following criteria: ◦ Academic excellence AND ◦ Leadership charisma and creativity ◦ Strong consideration will be given to students with financial need • Not intending to become a practicing physician and/or medical researcher (e.g. Doctor, Dentist, Nurse, Psychologist, Pharmacist, Optometrist, etc. School submits their nominee: Jan 26/22 Student Nominee submits application: Feb 16/22 Details: FAQ:


JAN 12/22 University of Alberta Automatic & Application-based Entrance Scholarships Deadline to Apply.

Apply Early! Along with scholarships that students are automatically evaluated for once they apply, there are a number of scholarships that require students to fill in a separate form. To apply for these awards, students fill out a single scholarship application and, based on your background, experiences, academics, and interests, UofA will assess you for a match. You must apply to an undergraduate degree program before you can apply for any entrance scholarship. See website for more details and how to apply:





JAN 13/22 U of T Application Deadline for Most undergraduate Programs


JAN 13/22 (Applications open NOV 13/21) Beedie Luminaries Scholarship Deadline to Apply

The Beedie Luminaries Scholarship Program gives promising BC students the opportunity to advance their education, achieve their dreams and inspire others. The program supports resilient students facing financial adversity who have the academic readiness and desire to create positive change in their lives. There are 105 scholarships available to be used at 25 BC Institutions for the following: • $10,000 CAD per year for a bachelor's degree program, or a college university transfer program, tenable for up to four years of funding; OR • $7,500 CAD per year for a college certificate /diploma or a trades program, tenable for up to two years of funding. In addition to the financial support, the Beedie Luminaries Foundation offers students support to attend events, access mentors, participate in a paid summer internship and more. ELIGIBILITY An eligible 2022 applicant must: • Be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident since 2018. • Be a full-time resident of British Columbia. • Be in their final year of high school, entering full-time studies in a first bachelor's degree, first diploma/certificate, or first trades program at one of the eligible public post-secondary institutions • Be ineligible for the BC Tuition Waiver Program (for former youth in care); • Have a minimum cumulative average of 75% (or equivalent) for grade 11 and available grade 12 marks based on Universities Canada’s Calculation of Average Policy**; and • Have faced financial adversity. An application with all supporting documentation, including transcripts and 2 letters of reference, must be submitted electronically to, Scholarship Partners Canada no later than the application deadline of January 13th, 2022, at 9:00 a.m. PST. For details and to apply online visit:

*JAN 15/22 UBC Regular Deadline to Apply:

JAN 15/22 Emily Carr U Deadline to Apply:


JAN 15/22 Canadian Women in Municipal Government Scholarship Application Deadline. (1 X 1,000) One award will be given to a BC female high school student who contributes to their school’s leadership team or student council. You must submit a three-minute video telling how you contribute to your school activities as related to student council or leadership. Along with a written document with responses to the following questions (each response should be 300 words or less):

1. How do you contribute to your school’s leadership?

2. How are you engaged in community activities?

3. Why is it important for women to participate in politics? For more details visit: Application form:


JAN 15/22 The Corpus Christi Circle of Fellows Scholarship Deadline 2-year, full-tuition scholarship given to students who showcase academic excellence and a commitment to service or leadership. Recipients will receive private professional mentorship from someone in their field of interest and will be supplemented by leadership development opportunities. Information and application:


JAN 15/22 UBC Outstanding International Students Award Application Deadline. International students must apply to UBC and submit a separate award application by January 15, 2022 to be considered. More information at: JAN 15/22 UBC International Major Entrance Awards The Outstanding International Student (OIS) Award is a one-time, merit-based entrance scholarship awarded to qualified students when they are offered admission to UBC. Students selected for this award show strength academically and display involvement outside of the classroom. How To Apply: If you apply to UBC by JAN 15/22, you will be automatically considered for these Awards. Details at:


Questions? Drop in or contact Ms. Millar to make an appointment

Please include your name, grade, and which school you attend in your email – thanks! Ms. Millar


This section will have information from Ms. Millar (our Career Information Advisor).  Weekly updates will include information on Post Secondary Information as well as potential Scholarship Opportunities.