Clubs 2021-22

Below please find the clubs for the 2021-22 school year.  This page will be updated as new clubs are started and new information is provided. 


Animal Rescue Club

Student Contact(s): Clairre D

Staff Sponsor: Ms. Sundell

Contact Link:

A club for all animal lovers who would like to not only learn more about them, but also fundraiser, visit, and help fund adoptions!


Book Club

Student Contacts: Angela M. Sarangdeep B. Vivian T. Sohena B.

Staff Sponsor: Ms. Staschuk

Club Contact Link:

A club for avid readers who want to find like-minded students to discuss and read books. Enjoy reading the books we have planned for the school year, books including: Howl's Moving Castle, The little Prince, and A Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy. We will also be hosting many in club events, like movie nights and other fun activities!


Art Club

Student Contact(s): Ella Z, Caitlyn L

Staff Sponsor: Ms. A. Miller

Contact Link:

Meetings: TBA

Here at the Art Club, our goal is to create a welcoming and safe space for artists of all media types, skill levels and art styles to talk, hang out, share art, and give/receive feedback. We’re a group of creative (and sometimes chaotic) minds who come together to support and help each other grow as creators, as well as work as a team on art projects such as holiday decorations for the school. We value all the unique artists of McRoberts and hope to promote their amazing creations in the school community!


Aviation and Aerospace Club

Student Contact(s): Tom L. Dihyah K. Nicholas C.Staff Sponsor: Ms. A. Miller

Staff Sponsor: Mr. Powell

Contact Link:

Do you wish to be a pilot but your parents are over protective? That’s ok! In the Aerospace Club, we build model aircraft and fly them as we learn hands on about aerodynamics and flight.


Canucks Fan Club

Student Contact(s): Billy D, Dihyah K

Staff Sponsor: Mr. McBurney

Contact Link:


An inclusive club for all Canucks fans to discuss opinions and hot takes while also meeting new people. A great place to share your passion of hockey and make new friends!


Chess Club

Student Contacts: Sherry T.

Staff Sponsor: Mr. McBurney

Club Contact Link:

Want to become the next ♛'s Gambit sensation? We might not be able to help you accomplish that over♞, but we will always welcome you to a wonderful and engaging environment where chess enthusiasts of all levels and backgrounds can learn, play, and discuss the Royal Game together. Led by one of the top female junior chess players in Canada, Sherry Tian, this clu♝ surely going to be a groundbrea♚ experience for you! This year, due to unique circumstances, we will organize most, if not all of our tournaments, puzzles, quizzes, and contests on our server so it is greatly ♜ommended that you create a account and join the server (hyperlink: before you attend our weekly meetings.

Meetings: Fridays after school, Room 207


Civics Club

Student Contacts: Nicholas C, Caitlyn L

Staff Sponsor: Mr. Clemente

Club Contact Link:

Meetings at lunch in Room 211

Interested in how the Canadian parliament works? Want to know how you as a Canadian citizen can make a difference in your community and learn how to keep up with current events? Come join the Civics Club! We're not a law club, we promise (haha, unless?) Learn how you can expand your political literacy and how the youth of Canada today can express their voice! (in a fun way!!)


Club Coalition

Student Contacts: Yoshier H. and Angela W.

Staff Sponsor: Mr. Kamide

Club Contact Link:

HMSCC is a platform for all students - executives, members and future members - to promote their club, learn more about other clubs that might be of interest to them and to collaborate together for events. Our goal is to unify the individual clubs in the school and provide the latest news on opportunities for students! We support the students with information about the myriad of clubs at our school and benefit the clubs with possible collaborations and sponsorship funding for their needs.


The Coin Club

Student Contacts: Sherry T, Kyle L

Staff Sponsor: Mr. Malchy

Club Contact Link:

This club is where people can collect and/or exchange coins/bills from other countries and territories together. There will be rules and agreements because we are dealing with objects with actual monetary value. We want people to explore different views of other countries and territories, and also improve on their social studies skillsGeography, History, etc.The Coins also engages in cross-cultural events. We support understanding and appreciating about culture and history of the world.


Crochet and Knitting Club:

Student Contacts: Yirui T

Staff Sponsor: Mme A. George

Meetings: During the first half of PLT every other Thursday in Room 204 

The Crochet/Knitting Club is an opportunity for individuals with a passion for crafting to interact with others in a relaxing environment. This club meets biweekly to foster an atmosphere where students can channel their creativity, manipulate yarn, and produce an array of objects, from clothing to plushies. 


Debate Club

Student contacts: Johnny H., Yirui T., Fifi Z.

Contact email:

Staff sponsor: Ms. McKenna

Meetings: Wednesdays at lunch in Room 201

Debate club is a club dedicated to both politics and public speaking. If you want to learn how to debate or plainly just want to improve your argumentative and speaking skills, come to our meetings! No experience necessary.


Drama Club

Student contacts: Sasha R

Staff sponsor: Mr. Wilson

Club Contact Link:

A interactive club where we work together on putting up productions for others to see and enjoy


Engineering Club

Student Contact: Andrew M, Jeanette G

Staff Sponsor: Mr. S. Looney


Join Our Discord Server!:

Instagram: @hms_engineering

Meetings: Wednesdays after school (3:00 pm) Room 120

Does building crazy contraptions sound cool to you? Maybe launching rockets or becoming robotic overlords? Well, the Engineering club is the perfect place for you! You can work with your fellow students on projects all year round. We provide for all your tool and equipment needs. No previous knowledge is required, just an incentive to build and create. New members are always welcome!


First Responders

Student Contact(s): Maariyah.F, Riva.C

Staff Sponsor:  Mr. Li

Club Contact Link:,

All First Responders have an interest in health care and have completed the Red Cross First Responder with CPR "Health Care Professional" course.  The First Responders have taken the role of providing first aid to students in the school. Students with an interest in the health sciences are encouraged to come to a meeting to learn more about this program and to help volunteer in the community.


Future Healthcare Professionals Club

Student Contact(s): Dichelle C.

Sponsor Teacher: Ms. Tsang

Contact Link:

Future Healthcare Professionals Club is dedicated to supporting students who are interested in the healthcare field. The club aims to prepare and empower members in pursuit of their future professional career. Members are provided with opportunities to learn about different healthcare careers, such as dietitians, occupational therapist, and pharmacist, as well as the healthcare industry as a whole. The club promotes awareness of health-related issues and opportunities in volunteer works. Through Future Healthcare Professionals Club, students can meet like-minded individuals while working towards the highly competitive career goals.  


Green Team

Student Contacts: Clarrie D. and Donna L.

Staff Sponsor: Mr. Ng

Club Contact Link:

The McRoberts’ Green Team aims to motivate and educate our school and community to go green! We help our climate by promoting a healthy environment and teaching students tips and tricks on how you can make your lifestyle more environmentally friendly.


Hughmanitarians of McRoberts

Executives/student contact: Selina Y, Mira M, Jocelyn L, Jestin C and Ethan G

Staff sponsor: Mr. Kamide

Contact Link:

Meeting location: seminar room

Meeting day is still undecided.

The Hughmanitarian  of McRoberts is a club dedicated to promoting Striker welfare and community. With our events, we aim to help Strikers help other Strikers and develop a habit of giving.



Interact Club

Student Contact(s): Fifi Z., Jeannette G.

Staff Sponsor: Mr. Chan

Club Contact Link:


Interact Club is a club where you can learn valuable leadership and soft skills while making a positive difference in the world! Raise your confidence as a leader as well as ‘interact’ with like-minded youth in the Lower Mainland. We are constantly organizing projects to give back to our local and international community, and we need your input! Come join us at our monthly meetings or feel free to contact one of the student contacts for further information.


KPOP Dance Club

Student Contact: Sarah Janse

Contact Link:

Staff Sponsor: Ms. C. Li

Meetings: TBA

In this club we will learn the dance routines of many different K-pop groups including BTS, Everglow, ITZY, Blackpink, Twice and more. Dance is a great way to express yourself, communicate, and stay healthy. Have fun in this club through dance and music in K-pop style.


Literature Club

Student contact(s): Billy D, Caitlyn L

Contact Link:

Sponsor teacher: Mme. Martin

When: every other Friday at lunch in room 105

Are you a creative soul in search of an awesome place to express yourself? Are you a passionate storyteller or a talented writer? Or maybe you think writing is just alright, and you want to improve. The McRoberts Literature Club could be just what you're looking for. 

We’re a fun, lax and stress-free club for writers of all skill levels and writing styles to share their work (anonymity is an option!), give/receive feedback, encourage one another, hone their writing skills, come up with amazing stories, play (relevant) games and have fun!


Mental Health and Wellness Club

Student Contacts: Katelyn N.

Contact Link:

Sponsor Teacher: Ms. Jones

A place to come and lessen your stress


Model UN

Student Contact: Billy D

Staff Sponsor: Mme Rost-Komiya

Club Contact Link:

The Model United Nations club allows students to enhance their skills in debate and diplomacy by role-playing delegates to the United Nations (UN) and simulating UN committee. Through the club, students will also have the opportunity to apply their skills at local weekend Model UN conferences attended by students from across the country and around the world. Not only do conferences allow students to showcase their skills on a larger stage but they will also have the opportunity to meet hundreds of like-minded students and form meaningful life-long friendships.   


Multicultural Club

Student contact(s): Ashmita N, Assia N

Staff Sponsor: Mr. Kamide

Club Contact Links:

If you’re interested in celebrating and expanding your knowledge on various cultures around the world, then Multicultural Club is for you! This club focuses on organizing fundraisers to raise money for global issues and brainstorming unique ways to encourage others to approach diversity with inclusiveness and kindness. The Multicultural club strives to create an environment of inclusivity and diversity. We want all strikers to feel welcome at school regardless of their background or ethnicity.


My Earth Your Earth Club

Student Contacts: Mohamad A, Jaidev A

Staff Sponsor: Ms. Stashuk

Co-Sponsor: Mr. McBurney

Meetings: Thursdays (Will depend if a meeting is needed)

Contact: Mohamad Al-Shakarchi (

The My Earth Your Earth Club, led by Mohamaed Al-Shakarchi and Jaidev Arora, is a club dedicated to helping people all around the world, especially in the local area. Our goal is to help others through physical activities, such as homeless feeds, toy drives, and more! Fundraisers will be held to support and fund the events. We’d love for you to join the team, and help change the world!


News Club

Student Contacts: LingLing D, Dihyah K and Jestin D

Staff Sponsor: Mr. Kamide

Club Contact Link:

News Club is a digital media outlet that works to convey news around the school through news broadcasts and appealing slideshows. Our club is loosely based on real life news broadcasting stations- where everyone has a role to play and a job to do. Join us for a fun year of not only publishing news, but organizing fundraisers, events and even game shows! Join our club Discord server: to stay up to date on meeting times, deadlines and more.


Rainbow Club

Student contact: Charlie P. & Benjamin J.

Sponsor Teacher: Mme Martin, Ms Wolbers

Club Contact Link:

Meetings: Tuesdays at lunch in room 205

Rainbow Club is a safe space for all LGBTQ+ students, as well as allies. Everyone is welcome! High school is a time for students to learn about themselves and who they are; while doing so, these students should have the support of friends and community. Our goal is to make our school a safe and inclusive space for everyone.


Rugby Club

Student Contacts: Rayya K

Staff Sponsor: Mr. Haigh

Club Contact Link:

Boys and girls can join this club to lean and play rugby


Social Justice Club

Student Contacts: Ethan G, Aliya L, Dihyah K, Celine

Staff Sponsor: Ms Groumoutis

Club Contact Link:

Social Justice is a club where we spread awareness about global issues and organize fundraisers. All of the money we earn from fundraisers will be going to causes we believe will be going to causes we believe will benefit our community


Strikers Give Back

Student Contacts: Mira M, Selina Y

Staff Sponsor: Mr. Chan

Club Contact Link:

Our mission is to help students gain valuable volunteer experience and hours, while building a positive school community. We plan to host fun events and activities for our school such as bake sales, appreciation cards, and holiday events.


Women in Leadership Club

Student Contacts: LingLing D, Dihyah K, Maariyah F

Staff Sponsor: Mme. Mainville

Club Contact Link:

What is it that makes a person a good leader? Is it the way they take initiative? Or the way that to ensure that everyone is caught up on the same page before moving forwards? Join the WIL club to find out! Do not wait for leaders, become leaders through developing various skills like teamwork and leadership while empowering other girls at WIL club!