Graduation Program

This is the last year of the 2004 Graduation Program

The Graduation Program is made up of the final three years of a student's schooling, Grades 10, 11 and 12.  To graduate, students must earn a minimum of 80 credits:  48 credits (12 courses) from Required Courses, 28 credits (7 courses) from Elective Courses, and 4 credits from Graduation Transitions.  A minimum of 16 credits at the Grade 12 level are required, including Language Arts 12.  At McRoberts, all regular courses are 4 credits.  Over these three years, students are expected to attempt 100 credits (25 courses) of course work.

Required Courses:  Language Arts 10, Language Arts 11, Language Arts 12, a Math 10, a Math 11, Social Studies 10, 
                              a Social Studies 11, Science 10, a Science 11, PE 10, a Fine Arts or Applied Skills, Senior Planning, 
                              Graduation Transitions

Elective Courses:  three courses at the grade 12 level and three other courses at any level from grade 10 to 12.