We plan to continue our work in the Human and Social area through the core competency – Social Responsibility,  specifically, to build more personal connections with both students and adults in the school, and develop a stronger internal motivation and understanding of our RESPECT Matrix.

In June of 2016 our staff discussed the question ‘What Makes a Great School?’ Respect, engagement, a safe environment, and connections were common answers.  Throughout the school year, in Educational Facilitator meetings and Staff Meetings, we talked about what we value in education and examined what we teach and why it is important.   

At Parent Advisory Committee meetings we shared information about BC’s new curriculum and the Core Competencies and talked about the need for core skills like communication and social responsibility.  The meetings have an ‘open forum’ component and we discuss improving student learning.

Through different student groups in our school (Grad Committee, Student Council, Grade 8’s) we talked with students about aspects of our school – what they liked, how they felt, and how they could contribute to positive change.