Learning and Actions for September 2017-18

Engage students in focus groups to answer questions such as ‘What makes you happy at school and why?’, ‘What are you learning and why is it important?’, ‘What could be improved at McRoberts?’

Engage staff in conversations to answer questions such as ‘What do you value in education?’, ‘What would you like to see for your own child’s education?’, ‘How do we prepare students for a rapidly changing future?’

Professional development to connect the language in our RESPECT matrix to the Social Responsibility Core Competency (supported by the Secondary ACT team). 

Continue our Mentoring program where students in Grades 11 and 12 connect with our newest students in Grade 8 and build community

Introduce our Grade 8 students to the RESPECT matrix at Camp in September to begin the year with strong connections and clear expectations.

Continue RESPECT mini-lessons in Grade 8 classes

Provide leadership opportunities for students