Learning and Actions for 2018-19


Our Inquiry:


Though this will be a multi-year journey, our three year vision is to create greater accuracy, consistency, and ultimately, clear communication for and with our students and parents on student learning.  Our work towards this direction will be guided by best practice and the recent Ministry Framework for Classroom Assessment. 


Our hope in year one will be to determine where we are as a school (with a focus of individuals as contributors to a whole) in relation to the most recent Ministry Classroom Assessment Framework.  Part of this will be to determine what our core beliefs are in relation to assessment, evaluation, and reporting, and see where that is in relation to the Ministry Framework.  We plan to identify areas that are consistent with our intended direction while also identifying possible impasses to the achievement of these intentions.


Mechanisms for Moving Forward:


A core committee will be established to create both a more specific multi-year plan followed by a very specific year one plan of action.  This committee has not been finalized but the first meeting will take place prior to the winter break.


At our monthly EF or Educational Facilitators’ (Department Heads') meeting, we will spend our “For Discussion” time discussing various aspects of this topic.  EF’s will frequently be asked to bring up topics, issues, and questions with their departments, share the EF Meeting Discussions, and bring back feedback from their group.  With recognition that the job of an educator is a very full one (and that FESL is one of likely other areas for professional growth that each are teacher is working on), our hope is to integrate our discussions, suggestions, and feedback, into other practices taking place within the context of individuals’ work.  As we are in a time of curricular change, we feel this may be a good opportunity to blend our work with the process of integrating the new curricular directions.


Our hope also is to use some of our Collaboration Time (within the year) and possibly some of our professional development time.


It must be noted that like our classroom students, educators are at different places in relation to our final destination.  Creating a differentiated approach and supporting staff where they are will become essential.  While our hope is to create greater consistency, we feel it is paramount to create opportunities for growth depending on where individuals feel they need to grow.


At the end of year one, our hope is to have a clearer idea where we are individually and collectively as a staff in relation to our intended outcome.  We hope to ask the question: How does our practice differ from where we want our practice to be?  Once identified, our plan this year is to establish areas that may serve as roadblocks or hurdles preventing us from transitioning from our beliefs to our practice, and creating strategies that support this growth.