Mission Statement

McRoberts is a bilingual school where staff, students, and parents learn together in an environment of trust, support, and mutual respect.  Our purpose is to enable all learners to develop their potential, prepare for the future, and achieve their dreams.

A.        Enhancing Learning

Ÿ   Provide a relevant and flexible curriculum which challenges students to develop critical and creative thinking skills in all curriculum areas.

Ÿ   Ensure that learning experiences are accessible to students with a range of intellectual, physical, social and emotional needs, and enhance the sense of belonging in the school milieu for the students.

Ÿ   Support and encourage teaching and learning strategies designed to enhance active life-long learning for students and staff by encouraging professional growth opportunities for staff.

Ÿ   Support authentic assessment and evaluation practices.

Ÿ   Support pride of achievement by displaying student work.

Ÿ   Work with parents to promote intellectual growth of students.

Ÿ   Provide the organizational structure (timetable) to support the curriculum programs that are offered.

Ÿ   Ensure that students are provided with appropriate courses and career planning in preparation for post-secondary programs.

B.         Tolerance and Respect

Ÿ   Promote a sense of social responsibility and ownership, tolerance and respect for others and understanding and acceptance of cultural and ability diversity for all members of our school community.

Ÿ   Promote respect for self (student and staff wellness).

Ÿ   Focus on teachers as positive role models and promote mutual respect and growth.

Ÿ   Provide opportunities for student participation in as many activities as possible.

Ÿ   Work with parents to promote the behavioural growth of students.

Ÿ   Foster the development of skills among staff and students to deal with conflict and stress.

Ÿ   Promote respect for the place of learning by keeping a clean, well-maintained building.

C.        Links with the Community

Ÿ   Develop effective communication with parents and the community.

Ÿ   Create links with the real world and foster a sense of curiosity.

Ÿ   Use the commercial, industrial, natural and human resources of the community.