Program Planning

Program planning for the following September begins in February of the current school year.  Counsellors visit our neighbouring elementary feeder schools to assist the Grade 7s coming to McRoberts.  They also visit classrooms to help students currently at McRoberts plan a program that meets program requirements, suits both their needs and interests, and supports their post-secondary plans.  Additionally, counsellors host informational evenings for parents.  We encourage all parents to be actively involved with their child(ren)'s program planning.  

Each year, a program planning booklet is produced to provide students and parents with an overview of the program offerings at McRoberts Secondary School.  The booklet describes the broad requirements of each grade, the content of individual courses, and the various special programs and services at McRoberts.  We hope this information will help students develop a plan that considers their long-term educational goals.

The links below will provide detailed information and resources for students and parents.  This section will be updated as we begin the program planning process.