District Concussion Protocol

  • How a concussion is handled in the minutes, hours, and days after injury can SIGNIFICANTLY influence the extent of damage and recovery from this injury.
  • Despite numerous community sporting associations with protocols, most school districts do not have concussion protocols.  So, we (Richmond School District) are trailblazers, in this regard.
  • Specific work and consultation was done with CATT (Concussion Awareness Training Tool) Online, Children's Hospital (and Dr. Shelina Babul & Kate Turcotte), BC Injury Research and Preventions, and more.
  • This protocol is intended to be beyond just athletics, as concussions can occur anywhere in our buildings and sites.
  • CATT is aimed at helping educate medical professionals, coaches, athletes, parents and school staff.  Teachers need to be aware of return to school and return to learn protocols too.
  • As of Fall 2021, all coaches of school teams are required to take the online and free course (cattonline.com) to have basic ‘certification’.  In addition, we can encourage sponsors, parents, and students to complete the course too.