Counselling Centre

Counsellors are available to assist students, parents and teachers.  They help in many aspects of school life.  Students are assigned to a counsellor alphabetically by surname.

The school counsellors are:    

  • Ms. A. Alkalay (Grade 8 Students)
  • Mr. K. Howlett (A - He)
  • Ms. A. Jones (Hi - Q)                                    
  • Mrs. S. Sundell (R - Z)

The counsellors are trained to help with personal problems, course concerns, and educational planning. Counsellors are not involved in disciplining students and information shared with a counsellor is kept confidential.  Except in cases of personal emergency, appointments are made.  This ensures you will not have to wait too long to see the counsellor while they may be busy with other students.


Making An Appointment with Your Counsellor:

Given the present situation and new timetable system, we have had to create new ways to connect with students.

In case of an emergency, please see your counsellor right away by coming straight to the counselling area. If their door is closed please sit and wait until somebody can see you.

Non-emergency appointments can be booked with your counsellor through the following methods:

  1. Drop by the counselling center before, during or after your classes – see your counsellor in person and ask to book an appointment. 
  2. If your counsellor is unavailable, or you prefer, please email your counsellor (see contact details below) to set up an appointment. When doing so please include in your email:
  • Your first and last name
  • Your preference for an appointment time
  • If your appointment is regarding course scheduling, please indicate the topic or specific questions as this will help us to maximize the appointment time.

Please keep in mind that we would prefer that students book times outside of their scheduled classes within school hours Mon – Fri 8:30 am-3:00 pm. 

On receipt of this request, the counsellor will attempt to meet your request as best they can and send you confirmation of your appointment time.

Parents may also call a counsellor at 604-668-6600.

Should a student be experiencing a mental health emergency outside of school hours (Mon – Fri 8:30 am -3:00 pm) please refer to the details below:

As in all medical emergencies please call 911 if you have a serious and immediate concern for your own or someone’s safety, or go to your nearest emergency room.

Other lines of support include: