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Please welcome Jaya....
Though the original plan was to have INSPIRE be a "live event," our current context has not allowed this to be possible. This did not
The Continuity of Learning continues. Each week that goes by hopefully creates more opportunities for both students and staff to settle into this new phase
STUCO is not in school but is continuing to maintain the McRoberts Community. Up next, is the STUCO's IG Live Music Festival this Friday. If
Hopefully things are starting to settle into a new routine during this Continuity of Learning. We fully appreciate this has been a difficult challenge for
From the Richmond School District Date: April 23, 2020 Subject: Board Update - Long Range Facilities Plan. (Chinese Translation Below) At the April 22, 2020
McRoberts Library - Things to Do Though you are not in the school, there are things you can access from our McRoberts Library Learning Commons
The Grade 10 GNA results from January, 2020 are now available for parents and students to view. To see your results, go to your MyEducation
Thank you for your ongoing patience. Sorry for the flood of communication that has been sent in the past two weeks. With the rapid pace
For those who need it, here is the website link to log into Scholantis (the Scholantis Portal).
(As sent to your individual email accounts.) Dear Parents and Students: Thank you for your patience and for staying informed by receiving our communications during
With many in the District and Province flocking to the Scholantis Portal (which to avoid confusion, will now be refered to as simply "Scholantis" from
Though students are not in school, the McRoberts' Student Council is hoping to build community by hosting a Virtual Spirit Day. No need to leave
In case you did not receive this message via email.... Dear Students and Parents. During this time of our current (and temporary) new context for
Each week students from the Student Core Competencies Committee will summarize one of the competencies in their own words, to share with parents, students and
We weren't sure if we would have a Strikers Weekly. We decided to try to keep some things as normal as possible. We don't, however
McRobert’s parents and students, Thank you for your continued patience as we work to provide continuity of learning for our students. Teachers will be contacting
In order to help with the organization of some of the information and resources we have received, we have created a new Tab (top right)
If you have not received the email requesting Contact Clarification and Access to Technology (Message Below), please complete the form below. Dear McRoberts Students and
Though it is a difficult time, this gesture by the McRoberts Student Council made me smile. Although they are not at school, McRoberts STUCO is