Capstone/CLC in a Challenging Year

Though it has been a difficult year all around, one of the bi-products of the challenges of our new timetable structure was the loss of both dedicated time to support both Capstone and CLC more directly.  The plan was to use our school's LET Days along with having two ER sessions each week to both allow students to complete this work and receive support where needed.  The loss of these structures made Capstone/CLC much more an independent learning exercise with some support (via online meetings and mini virtual assemblies). 


Saying that, our students worked hard and completed some amazing work.  Below please find a link of the capstone projects for this year:


We are in the process of reading the reflections from our students (the last of our students' Capstone/CLC assignments for this year).  The Capstone/CLC committee has taken some key information away.  Part of what has become clear has been the need for more direct instruction which will be accommodated using a small portion of PLT Time.  Our hope is to continue to refine both the course offerings and our level of support to ensure that more students will not just complete this requirement, but complete this in a way that has an impact on their next steps in life. 

Updated: Thursday, December 2, 2021