Student Reflections post Five Day Challenge




Activities included Journal Writing/Visual Journaling, Outdoor Reflection, Games/Activities Day, Guided Imagery/Mindfulness and Socializing with Intention.  Through these activities, students were given opportunities to find ways to improve their personal and social behaviour and general wellness, as well as to improve and appreciate connections with their peers, their teachers, and nature. 


Post-Challenge Student Reflections:

  • After completing the challenge, classes completed written reflections.
  • When asked if they would like to continue these kinds of activities in the future, the overwhelming response by classes was “yes!”
  • Many students enjoyed the journal writing activities and would like to continue doing this activity in the future, while others preferred the guided imagery activities.
  • Most students enjoyed the opportunity to be out in nature and would like to continue this in the future
  • Most students felt that the 5-Day Challenge helped to build connections and improve relationships between students and their peers as well as with their teachers.


Updated: Thursday, December 2, 2021