World Cafe

This year we brought back our WORLD CAFE, where students and staff get together during a Pro-D day to discuss topics at the heart of the school.  This year's topics came from our school survey, and were chosen as areas where we are looking to find ways together as a community to improve.  Topics included:


Why are some students not feeling safe? What can we do as a community to help ALL students feel safe at school?



How can we help build a connected and inclusive community for ALL students. What can teachers do to better connect with students? How can the physical design of our school help build connections? What other actions can we take help build community?



What is impacting student involvement in our school community in your opinion? How can we improve school community involvement?



What is culture? What is McRoberts doing well when it comes to cultural celebration and recognition? What can we do better?



 What can we do as a community to address this? How can we reinvigorate students to engage in social justice?

Updated: Monday, February 20, 2023