Communicating Student Learning


Communicating Student Learning (CSL) 

A new way of Communicating Student Learning:  Over 400 Students at McRoberts will develop an electronic portfolio in one or more classes in 2022-2023.  Student e-Portfolios will generate new learning opportunities for both teacher and students because they provide an opportunity and virtual space for students to critically assess their academic work, reflect on that work, and make connections among different courses, assignments, and other activities, such as work experience, extracurricular pursuits, and volunteering. 


Student-Centred and Authentic learning

At McRoberts, e-Portfolios are a student-centred process.  Students are free to choose what artifacts are included and are free to reflect on the process of their learning. This platform fosters engagement and motivation, that can be easily shared. At McRoberts, students perceive that they have choices in how to learn they are more engaged and motivated to move beyond simple information acquisition to try to gain an understanding of the subject when using the e-Portfolios/Teams. At McRoberts, e-Portfolios/Teams offer students the opportunity to manage their learning and promote deep learning. Over time, students can make connections between the learning that occurs in different contexts. This new pedagogical approach at McRoberts recognizes that learning occurs beyond the classroom.


The BC curriculum has been redesigned to enable our students to meet the needs of our rapidly changing world. Along with the changes in curriculum come changes in ways to communicate student learning (reporting). 

The Ministry of education has provided districts with two ways in which to communicate student learning.  

1) Most teachers at McRoberts are continuing with our Status Quo Reporting structure (2 formal report cards & 1 informal interim report in each semester)

2) 5 McRoberts teachers will be following different procedures to communicate student learning.

About 400 students at McRoberts will develop a personal digital collection to demonstrate their learning.  

This is what it will look like at McRoberts in 2022-2023:

• more than 400 students at McRoberts will build an electronic portfolio that is timely and flexible and provides information about their learning during each semester.

• Two Summaries of Learning 

  • Term 1 and Final Reporting summaries with proficiency scales

• Opportunity for Parent-Teacher Conferences

• Learning Check-Ins at various times during the year posted Teams/student’s e-portfolio 

We recognize that the method of reporting will be different than traditional approaches but the value of having students reflect on their work over a period has endless possibilities.  

Both reporting methods are being supported by the BC Ministry of Education and the Richmond School District. 

The students using an e-portfolio will not receive a letter grade, percentage, or work habit on their report card, but instead, will receive a detailed summary of the student’s learning in relation to the learning standards and big ideas of the course, and progress will be defined by a four-level proficiency scale.