Club Directory

Interested in joining a club? Here is a directory of all clubs running at McRoberts this year:




Meeting Time


Animal Rescue Club

Ms. Sundell

Fundraiser and awareness for animals.  We educate about needs for supporting animals in a variety of organizations and do a variety of fundraisers so we can donate to them.  Some of these organizations also come into the school to help educate us about their needs.

Alternate wednesdays at  lunch


Art Club

Mrs. A. Miller

At the McRoberts Art Club, our goal is to create a welcoming and safe space for artists of all media types, skill levels and art styles to talk, hang out, share art, and give/receive feedback. We're a group of creative (and sometimes chaotic) minds who come together to support and help each other grow as creators, as well as work as a team on art projects such as holiday decorations for the school. Additionally, we do online art challenges that are hosted through our Instagram and Discord! We value all the unique artists of McRoberts and hope to promote their amazing creations in the school community.

Tuesdays afterschool 


Christian Club

Mr. Cheng

Christian Club is a fun and encouraging place where we play games, have meaningful conversations, build friendships and learn more about what it means to follow Jesus. We welcome students of all faith communities to come and join us!

Fridays at lunch


Coin Club

Mr. Malchy

The kids meet to collect, buy, sell, trade, grade, and discuss collectible currencies. We talk about the history of world currencies, both coins and bills and how it relates to the past and present, and, at least once a year, we do an educational display for the school at lunch. (This year it will have an indigenous theme.)

Thursdays after school (in flux for this year)

Portable 3

Crochet & Knitting Club

Mme. George

The Crochet and Knitting Club offers an opportunity for individuals interested in crocheting and knitting to interact with each other and work on individual projects in a relaxing environment. Student mentors provide instruction, support, and guidance. This club meets weekly on Wednesdays during PLT, with members sharing advice as they create. Basic supplies are provided. New crafters are always welcome!

Wednesdays during PLT


Debate Club

Ms. McKenna

This club coaches students how to debate well and they participate in debates with other schools, or in regional to national level tournaments if they so choose. Additionally, Debate Club is a great place to hone your critical thinking skills, public speaking skills, and argumentative abilities. But, if you are also looking for a place to have fun, Debate Club can also provide a chill, entertaining atmosphere.

Friday at lunch


Drama Club of Drama

Mr. Wilson

The Drama club produces events such as the Haunted House and other theatrical extravaganzas.

As per project.

The Drama Room.

Engineering Club

Mr. Looney

The club meets weekly either remotely or in person to take on design based building challenges.



Future Health Care Professionals Club

Ms. Sun

Learn about healthcare career options and training.


Green Team

Ms.  Yau

Inform students about how to take care of the environment and participate in activities such as park clean-up, environmental community services, and maintenance of the school garden.

Mondays after school


Helping Hands Club

Mme. Massicotte

Volunteering around our community for various organizations. Becoming engaged members of our community.

Wednesday after school


HMS Club Coalition

Ms. Vaughan

We are a platform that connects clubs and organizations together. We strongly believe that collaboration brings strength. Some opportunities that are exclusive to the clubs in our community are 1. Collaborate with other clubs,  2. Act as a Support Network for Clubs, 3. Create Promotional opportunities posts.

Mondays at lunch

TBA (Currently Library)

HMS Ultimate Skill Workshop

Mr. Bains

The Ultimate weekly skills workshop is here and ready to rumble! This will be a place where you can flourish and develop your Ultimate skills!

Wednesday after school

Back field

Kpop Dance Club

Mme. Martin & Mme. Rost-Komiya

We learn the dances of Kpop groups. No prior dance experience required!

Once a week, day TBD



Ms. Stashuk, Mme Mainville, Mme Hudson

If you have a love of books, LLC Library Pages is an opportunity to work in the library.  Pages assist with shelving, cleaning, writing reviews, making suggestions on what to purchase and also can help with displays and decorations among other duties.  Joining this team can provide service hours.

Students sign up for shifts throughout the week.


McRoberts Interact Club

Mr. Chan

Thursday at lunch


McRoberts News Club

Mr. Cook

The news club hopes to make sure students know more about the McRoberts community by being a digital platform for sharing events, updates, and stories of interest.

Every other Wednesday

LLC Seminar

Model UN Club

Mme. Rost-Komiya

The Model United Nations Club is a space to discuss current global issues—political, economic, social, or a combination of those—using the perspectives of different nations across the world. Knowledge and outlooks are broadened through discussions and mock debates fostered by the club. This club also provides information, resources, and preparation sessions for MUN conferences that take place through the year.

Tuesdays during lunch


Multicultural Club

Ms. Vaughan

Our club helps students in celebrating and expanding their knowledge on various cultures around the world.  This club focuses on organizing fundraisers to raise money for global issues, hosting trivia days to educate our members and brainstorming unique ways to encourage others to approach diversity with inclusiveness and kindness. The Multicultural Club strives to create an environment of inclusivity and diversity. We want all strikers to feel welcome at school regardless of their background or ethnicity.



Muslim Awareness Team

Mme. Mainville & Mme. Martin

The Muslim Awareness Team is a group/team that is focused on allowing individuals to educate themselves and the wider community about the Muslim community. You can be Muslim or not, as all that matters is the student's willingness to learn and be part of a group that aims to promote awareness and respect. There are various activities/opportunities for volunteer hours such as designing posters, displays, social media posts etc.

 As needed (before big events such as Hijab day)

LLC Seminar

My Earth Your Earth

Mr. McBurney

This is where we take on changing the world one step at a time! Our mission is to make sure that everyone in the world is able to live a safe, healthy, and well life. We try to provide our community with knowledge and support on how our actions can influence the planet for the better. Get to know our amazing team who work hard to make My Earth Your Earth what it is!

Biweekly, over teams. Details to follow

Teams, until further notice

Rainbow Club

Mme Martin & Ms. Wolbers

Rainbow Club is a place for members of the LGBTQ+ community and their allies to gather together. The goal of the club is to create a safe space to socialize, to discuss varying issues & current events, and to raise awareness on said issues and events related to the LGBTQIA2S community. Overall, our main purpose is to make our school a safe and inclusive space for everyone, and to host some fun activities along the way.

Tuesdays at Lunch


Science Club

Ms. Yajima

Are you interested in learning about science? Meeting new people? Or doing cool experiments? Come join the Science Club! Meetings are held 1-2 times a month in Room 223 or in Ms. Yajima's classroom. There are a bunch of fun hands-on activities to help you better understand the wonders science has to offer. We hope that you'll get to learn, share, and enjoy the magic with your friends.

Depends (~1/month for members)


Social Justice Club

Ms. Groumoutis

SJ club promotes awareness of issues of social justice/injustice and fundraises to donate money towards such causes (Food Bank, Black Lives Matter, etc.)

Meeting dates TBD


Strikers Give Back

Mr.. Chan

Our mission is to help students gain valuable volunteer experience and hours, while building a positive school community. We plan to host fun events and activities, giving back to the school, teachers, and students, We want everyone to be able to get involved in our school without having any setbacks. We welcome anyone and everyone to join, as we strive to have a fun and friendly club!

Not sure 


Wellness Club

Ms. Jones

The club supports mental wellness through providing education and activities for self care and stress reduction.