Report Card Updates

The following are report card and parent-teacher conferences updates.  Full details are found under Parents > Report Card Updates

As we have indicated in the school calendar, we will be posting digital Semester 1 Final Report Cards in MyEd Parent Portal accounts on Thursday, February 2nd after 4:00 PM.  There will be an email notification from MyEd to notify you that report cards have been published.

In the process of preparing these report cards, teachers are presently entering marks into MyEd. Please note that when a staff member “Posts” their marks, parents may receive a notification in the Parent Portal indicating that marks have been posted and parents will then be able to see the mark entered for that specific course. It is important to note that these marks are not final and may be subject to change as staff review and confirm the marks that they have entered.

Semester 1 Final Report Cards that will be posted in PDF format on Thursday, February 2nd will provide the accurate assessment for students, including a mark and a comment.

To view the document in your account, select the ‘Pages’ top tab and on the right side of the page you can find the PDF report card under ‘Published Reports’.  Only published reports on Thursday, February 2nd are official report cards.  Any information that is posted before Thursday, February 2nd is not finalized.  It is recommended that you save the document immediately as the report card is only posted on the Parent Portal for a limited time.

To access the Parent Portal, please go to  Instructions for logging in to the Parent Portal is on the McRoberts Website under the ‘Parents’ top tab.  You can click here for the direct link for instructions and to request assistance with logins.  Please take the time now to log into the Parent Portal to ensure that you have access.  Report Cards are posted on the MyEdBC Portal and Core Competencies Reflections are posted on Scholantis E-Portfolio.  We encourage families to view reports through the MyEd portal, but printed copies of report cards upon request by contacting the office.

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Updated: Tuesday, January 24, 2023