Our School Story

École Secondaire Hugh McRoberts Secondary School is a dual track school located in central Richmond.  The school serves a vibrant area of Richmond where there is great ethnic diversity, a high regard for education and schooling, and an emphasis on developing the whole person (both inside and outside of school).  Many of our students are very involved in a wide variety of extracurricular activities offered by the school as well as the community (including Athletics, the Arts, and countless hours of community involvement).  A great majority of our students (significantly higher than the provincial norm) are post-secondary bound often taking a fairly high academic course load.


Our current staff consists of a mix of veteran staff along with a number of staff newer to the profession.  It is a fairly stable staff with many of our staff members having been at McRoberts for 10 years or more.  This committed and caring group of educators work hard to support the needs of our students in whatever way is needed.  Though as a staff we feel this is a good place of learning, we all feel that we must continue to work hard to improve our school for our students.


Our parent community is involved and engaged.  As student success is a partnership between home and school, we hope to continue this shared responsibility in helping our students achieve the success they deserve.  While it is fair to say that parental involvement tends to decrease at the secondary level, our hope is to continue to stress the importance of parental involvement and help parents find ways in which they can continue active participation as their children become young adults.  We recognize that we must continue to find ways to improve our level of communication so that parents can be best equipped to support our students at home.


McRoberts prides itself on supporting the growth of the “whole” person.  While we value what happens in the classroom, we also know that so much of the learning that occurs in schools happens through extracurricular opportunities.  We are proud of our  opportunities McRoberts has created in the Arts (both performing and visual), in Athletics (through our three distinct seasons of play) as well as our wide variety of clubs. Student service and leadership are also a focus for our students' success.  Through our Peer Tutoring, Human Services, Career Preparation Programs, Leadership offerings, and through a commitment to infuse the many skills and opportunities both curricularly and extracurricularly, we feel that students are given many ways in which to hone these important life skills.